Time Lapse and You (and Me)

posted in Media, People, Tech on Mar 22, 2010

For the last few hours I have been absolutely hooked on watching all of the videos from this Vimeo project called Cities in Minutes. Basically what it is all about is creating videos (mostly time lapse) of cities around the world to get a one to two or so minute look at the city. Why am I writing about this? BECAUSE I WANT TO DO THIS.

What I am brainstorming right now is about locations. Where are there cool locations in Oklahoma City? Try not to laugh, I’m sure there are some somewhere. Currently my list is as follows:

  • Bricktown
  • Lake Hefner (sailboats)
  • The Zoo
  • A Frisbee Golf Course
  • Racing Track

And that’s about it off of the top of my head. What other places around here would be fun to view?

Alternately, for funsies, here are a few time lapse videos I’ve done in the past:

  • Jbond64

    You have too much free time. I can tell that because you time lapsed it.

  • A university campus just as class lets out might be fun.

  • Garret

    That is an interesting idea. And I work on a campus so I could make that happen.