posted in Miscellaneous on May 14, 2008

So some of my peers have peer-pressured me into some peer to peer communications….peer. Basically, I’ve signed up for Twitter, and am going to see how that changes, well, anything. For those of you who don’t know what’s going on, let me fill you in:

Essentially, we as humans have become so enamored with social networking, that we need an alternative that allows us to post everything that we’re doing at all times. Now, there are blogs – like this one for example – that can be updated at all times, but we generally reserve such posts to be long and drawn out, filling the white space of cyberspace with small black text. Because such emotion posting takes a long time, we have the alternative to simply use IM clients such as AIM or MSN to convey these personal messages to friends, albeit in single friend helpings, which generally turn into conversations such as this:



“What’s up?”


While substantial is substance, these conversations are simply a one way street. What happens when you want ALL of your friends to know you were a Dollar Menunaire and just had an apple turnover at McDonald’s? Why, Twitter, of course. With Twitter, you can post 140 characters of pure inanity for all to see. It’s kinda like a combination of IM and blogging, where super short messages go up but it’s for everyone. It doesn’t sound like a compelling idea on paper, but for some reason it’s interesting. For the sake of the argument, I put up on my sidebar to the left the last three posts I made to Twitter for all to enjoy. I have entitled it “The Haps.” Check it out.

If you happen to find yourself compelled to join, my Twitter account is garretble. Look me up.