Up All Night, Chronicle #001

posted in Apartment Life, Miscellaneous on Mar 22, 2008

Just as I mentioned in my last post. Tonight I’m staying up all night to get ready for my new shift. Since I don’t have any plans at all, every hour or so tonight I’m going to write down a few sentences about what’s going on. This will be good not only because you are inquisitive, but it will also serve to keep me awake. Let’s get started!

  • SO IT BEGINS.Sat, 9:25pm Here is the beginning post. Look how awake I am! I’m sure that this will simply go down hill from here. Right now I’m finishing up some things on my computer (cleaning some folders, re-allocation files between my computer and external HD, etc.). I have the radio on in the other room, further cementing my opinion that the radio sucks. I used to think that it was popular music that I hated the most, but know I think I dislike pretty much every radio personality that comes on. I really don’t care about their views, and they’re not as “shocking” or funny as they think they are. But anyhow, this is a riveting start to my night, and it can only get better from here.
  • Creepy internet chat.Sat. 10:58pm For my second hour of all night-ness, I decided to play one of the games I bought last weekend a little bit. The game in question is Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and basically you do a lot of brain teaser puzzles while solving a mystery in some town. It’s really fun, but the puzzles are getting pretty difficult. After playing the game for a little bit, I decided that more people needed to watch me do absolutely nothing for eight hours. To accomplish this task, I turned on my webcam and allowed this website to show my ugly mug to the masses. I’ve used this service a few times, but it’s not on all the time. This is also the same service we use with Pressed & Bound when we do our “live” show.
  • Apple Juice > Limeade.Sun. 12:12am This hour was actually not much different from the last. I spent some more time chatting in the video chat until Safari crashed for whatever reason. I was in a very deep discussion about whether or not Simply Apple is better than Simply Limeade. Of course, Simply Apple wins, but the person I was talking to didn’t know what they were actually saying. It’s ok to be wrong sometimes. Afterwards I spoke to my brother for a while about removing warts. Apparently it’s time to cut this one I have on my finger out with a knife, Rambo-style. And now it’s passed midnight. Six more hours to go.
  • Starting to tire.Sun. 1:28am I’ve been able to stave off the sleepiness for another hour. Unfortunately, my weariness is starting to rear its ugly head. I’ve starting yawning more at this hour than any prior. Since the last hour, I’ve stopped chatting altogether, and instead focused on a chapter in a novel I should be able to finish tonight. After that chapter I played some more Professor Layton. I’m nearing the end of both the game and the novel. Currently, I’m getting pretty hungry. Hopefully some masticating will keep me awake for another round.
  • So much fiber!.Sun. 2:31am I was able to score some vittles for this hour. I had two coffee-mug-fulls of Double Raisin Raisin Bran. The reason I used a mug is because all of my bowls are currently in the dishwasher. The reason I buy DRRB is because raisins are awesome. I snarfed down those two mugs of cereal while watching the last thirty minutes of THX 1138. I got it today from Netflix. It was interesting enough. Afterwards, I started back up with the video games. Again, I’m getting to the end of this game. My new goal as of now is beating this game and finishing reading the novel that I only have 20 or so pages on. Both of those tasks should be pretty easy and keep me awake…I hope.
  • Zombays!Sun. 3:34am Victory shall be mine in but a measly two and a half hours. This past hour netted me a couple of small victories. Firstly, I finished the laundry I had planned on doing today. That was exciting. I still have quite a bit to do for tomorrow, however. Additionally. I was able to knock out the book I was reading. It was a fun book to read, and pretty well written, I must say. Expect a review of it on the show in the coming weeks. That’s pretty much all I did for this hour. I plan on hitting that game some more next.
  • The home stretch.Sun. 4:31am Nothing much to report now. My eyes are starting to hurt a little from keeping them up for so long, but otherwise no worse for wear. The effects of my night snack seem to be wearing off a little bit. I wouldn’t mind snacking again. Unfortunately, I do not really have a whole lot in my pantry at the moment that I really would like to eat. Chocolate sounds delicious. I might go today and buy up a bag or two of discount Easter candy. I did start playing the game again. I’m in the final area, and I know I’m getting close. Since my cut off for tonight is 6am, I may not make another hourly note, but simply wait until then unless I just can’t make it. Here’s to hoping I can stay up.
  • The face of victory.Sun. 6:10am I made it. I don’t know how, but I made it. It’s been a long night, but now I will retire to some much needed rest. All in all, I think things went well enough. I just need to make sure that at work I have something to do during these hours. I know I’ll be doing work, but there will be some down time too. Also, I did beat the game. I’m watching the credits as I type this. It was a pretty productive night. I finished a book, a movie, and a game. Go me. Time to sleep.
  • Nothing like a successful all-nighter.

    World War Z is awesome. I am glad more people know of it.

  • WWZ was a fun read. I was very impressed with the author’s ability to tell the story from so many different points of view. The only thing I didn’t like, and I may have overlooked it somewhere, was that he speaks with people from every country, yet they all speak fluent English. There might have been a blurb about that somewhere, but if there was I missed it.

    Tonight I’m going to try and stay up again, but I need to go buy a new novel. I have one unread novel on my shelf right now, but it’s the third in a series, and I read the first two pretty much back to back, so I’m going to wait a little while to read the third one.

  • Cameron

    Hey Garret, Cam here at your bro’s house…

    If you havent’ already, check out a book called Child of God. Written by Cormac McCarthy. About a fella who gets exiled from his east tennessee farm, hides during the day in a cave up in the hills, and spends his evenings engaging in america’s greatest pasttimes of murder and necrophilia.

    I’m reading it to my girlfriends kid…

  • Will do. I just picked up Cosing Time by Joseph Heller (this is the sequel to Catch 22, so it should be funny) and I Am Legend by Richard Matheson this afternoon, but I’ll put that one on my list.

    Have you read The Road by McCarthy, yet? I picked up before Oprah “made it cool,” so to speak. It’s about a post-apocalyptic America where a father and son are trying to head south before it gets too cold to survive in the North. McCarthy is an interesting writer; we’ve got necrophilia in that novel, the death of America in another, and yet he can also pen All the Pretty Horses. He’s like a literary Swiss Army Knife.

  • The Jetta is fine just a tune up.
    You know a good way to stay up all night is be around a new born i have slept a total of 24 hours last week. I am really like wordpress. It seems to work really well thus far. Good luck with the new hours. And you can stop by and see Laura anytime just give me a call.

  • stnbond7

    Keeping with the zombie motif, you should try Day by Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne. It’s about a navy pilot that keeps a journal throughout a zombie apocalypse. Pretty sweet stuff.

  • Duly noted. I’ve knocked out about 59 pages in I Am Legend since last night and so far it’s pretty damn cool. I feel I’ll be recommending it to a lot of people after I’m done with it.

  • Cameron

    Haven’t read The Road yet. I had heard about it, but only in passing. Sounds good, though.

    I hear you may be acting as videographer for me and jason in may?

  • Potentially. We’ll just have to see how my work schedule goes. I don’t know if you guys want me to be there, though. I’m loud, and from what I’m told, I give off a natural effluvium that scares wild animals.