Vibram Five Fingers

posted in Miscellaneous, Tech on Apr 28, 2009

Last week I purchased a pair of super creepy shoes that are toed. Think of toe socks, only toe shoes. The brand is called Vibram Five Fingers, and they claim to offer all of the awesomeness of walking bare foot but while wearing shoes. We’ll see if that claim pans out, but for now I made a video of their unboxing and some first impressions:

A Short Discussion of Vibram Five Finger Shoes from Garret Evans on Vimeo.

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  • Great vid – I think what you’ll find is that your gait will actually adjust so that you land much more softly on asphalt/cement/whatever surface so that it isn’t as uncomfortable.

    Definitely will pick this up on birthdayshoes — BOOMSAUCE!

  • Garret


    This video is almost a year old. Since then I’ve pretty much lived in my Vibrams except during the winter (unless I could help it). I can now run in them and my feet feel great afterwards. How did we ever wear “regular” shoes before?

  • Mark

    I LOVE my KSO Treks and wear them as my “dress” shoe to my white collar job along with my Hawaiian Aloha shirt here in Hawaii. I get lots of “looks” of course, but that goes with the territory.
    I DO NOT love my “classics” however; I’ve had lots of problems with the tab wearing a blister on the achilles at both heels. The classics are poorly designed with this tab. I want my money back on the classics!

  • Garret

    I don’t know if this might help the situation, but Justin up there made a good video about cutting the cord from the Classics to make them more comfortable. You might look into it.