Week 3: The Tempest

posted in Running on Apr 7, 2010

Week three of running could have been fraught with danger and failure, but somehow we pulled it together and remained strong through the storm. It really sucks when you take a few days off and your body gets a little out of the cycle of doing things. There were a couple of days this weekend where I absolutely just wanted to snooze like hell (and did for a bit). “A body at rest stays at rest” is what they say and I have been of the mindset that that was all rubbish until I started actually moving. As soon as you stop, you stop hard.

Luckily, being awesome prevailed and I gathered the courage to run these passed couple of days. Tuesday was fine: it was nice outside, a gentle breeze here and there. It was pretty much the best day to run. Today, however, was a tempest the likes of which I had NEVER SEEN. In reality it had just cooled off to about fifty degrees with high winds. I’ll say it here first: running in the cold wind SUCKS. It sucks hard and I hated it. That is until I turned a corner and it was blowing on my back. At that point in time the wind was awesome and it was my best friend and I baked it a cake.

I still haven’t gone too far above the distance that I originally started out running as. I think my problem is that currently my route is just a loop, and once I get to the end of that loop I’m back home again and don’t really feel like going on another loop. I need to expand the loop out and force myself to go further. I will investigate that for tomorrow.