What About "LLL" or "PPP?"

posted in Miscellaneous, Past Goodness on Feb 2, 2004

I think “XXX” should be more of a rating rather than a label. I mean, that’s three whole “X’s” of nudity in a film. There should be some films with just one to two “X’s” but there could also be some with four and five. Man, that’d be one crazy movie. But since when was the “X” determined to be a bad thing? I think a more dubious letter would be “Q.” It thinks it’s so cool being almost a zero or the letter “O” but it’s got that little gangsta slash down at the bottom so it’s recognized by its brothas the “U” and the “T,” who pimp daddy “Q” hangs out with the most. “Q” has authority, see, because it has a bodyguard (“U”) who’s always there in front of him in case anything goes down. “X” is just a pansy. He just sits around and begins words that are hard to say and most of the time sound like other letters. I mean, what does a freaking “X” actually sound like? Can you make the sound? No, you can’t. Whatever you just thought of is wrong; it is, I’m sorry, you’ll just have to deal with it (and if you thought of words like “box,” you’re still wrong. It could be spelled “bocks” and sound the same way; and if you were l33t then you’d spell it that way anyway). Maybe that’s why film makers thought of using “X” for their porn, to beef up his image. Or maybe it was because the number 30 was really sexy in ancient Rome, who knows. In any case, “X” sucks.