What Are They Feeding You? It's Not Your Fault.

posted in Past Goodness on May 7, 2004

Sorry kiddies, but the last episode of Friends just aired tonight, and now you’re going to cry yourself to sleep for weeks. Thursdays at 7:00pm are going to be completely different from now on. You’re not going to be able to sit around for thirty minutes every week watching six people do meaningless crap in NYC that would NEVER happen in real life. Ducks and chickens in the apartment? No. Two hot chicks living together. Let me rephrase that: two hot chicks that ALWAYS look hot living together? NO. A paleontologist who owns a monkey? NO! The only thing that could remotely be true about that show is that they sit around a coffee shop all day doing nothing. Those chic, new age hippie New Yorkers do that all the time. And I know; I live in freaking Oklahoma. So what can you do now that you have all this time off? Well you can take up a hobby. You could do something useful with your life; such as banging your head against the wall or doing self acupuncture. At least, this is what I’d rather be doing than hear another rendition of Smelly Cat.
And on a random note (would that be a random random musing?): I bet that idiot who invented the Segway never thought about those poor people in those V-8 commercials. How the crap are they supposed to drive one?