When Technology Hates You

posted in Past Goodness, Tech on May 4, 2005

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m pretty keen on the technology scene.  I have a couple of computers, video games, portables, you name it, and I have become used to the luxories of these fancy new things.  However (because you knew there was going to be a “however”), I am increasingly disliking one of the modern fixtures of our modern-ish times.  We’ve all seen them and we’ve all probably used one: the automatic faucet.  Seems like a good idea, right?  You stick your hand under there, it turns on for a second and you can wash your hands.  Or so you think.  They never really work right.  Why is it so hard to maintain a motion sensor or get one sensitive enough to detect when my freaking hand is ready to be washed?  I mean, I can’t stand around with my limbs soaked in urine forever; I need to clean myself!  But no matter how many times I put my hands under the faucet, it doesn’t come on; like if my hands were so soiled that the faucet didn’t want any part of that.  If the faucet has enough intelligence to be selective in its hand washing duties, then it should have a freaking motion sensor that could tell when I’m coming, soaked in all matters of liquid waste, to wash my hands.  (Note:  I do know how to use the restroom.  Making jokes about peeing on yourself is wrong.  However, making jokes about others peeing on themselves is oh so right.)