Who Does That?!?

posted in Past Goodness, People on Jan 24, 2006

If you’ve ever pulled clothes out of a washing machine waiting on someone to get their laundry done, then I want to punch you in the face.  Now, if you’ve waited a significant amount of time before you pulled the clothes out, then that’s ok.  But if you happen to go to the washing machine and see that it’s full and that the cycle has just ended and you still rip the clothes out of the thing like you’re looking for an antidote at the bottom of the tub, then you deserve a punch in the face.  Personally, I’ve pulled clothes out.  Yes I have.  But I’ve given them at least a good amount of time to get there before going ahead and doing it.  I’m not a huge fan of touching other peoples’ clothes, dry or otherwise, so a big, sopping wet pile is just nasty in my opinion.  I’d almost rather wait until another time to do laundry than sit around and jack with someone else’s.  But keep on pulling others’ clothes out.  It’s ok.  No one hates you for it.  It’s all well and good, in a really good “douchy” sense of the word good.  WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY PEOPLE!