Wii Internet Channel Out (Final)

posted in Games on Apr 11, 2007

Well kiddies, Opera got around to releasing the final version of their Wii internet browser and it rocks face. It’s actually stable now, and won’t explode if you happen across a photo that is too large or a video it doesn’t understand. I’m sure there are things that can make it jack up, but I haven’t run into any pages that freaks out the software enough to make it freeze.

The new features of the browser are pretty cool. There are cute little animations for when you click on links that assure you that you’ve done something. The links themselves now highlight when you mouse over them so you can never hit the wrong thing unless your hand isn’t steady.

The zoom feature is much better as well. Instead of a mere two or so levels of zoom in the trial software, there are multiple. It really helps to get the pages to fit your TV well, although zooming in and out while traversing multiple pages can get tiring. It’s definitely better than it was, though.

I’m going to stop typing on my Wii now because I need to do other things, but this new software is definitely better than it was. Go download it.