Women Are Like Cats

posted in Past Goodness, People on Sep 30, 2004

You see, if you pester a woman enough, she’ll run away, like a cat. However, if you lay low a little while and take it easy, the cat’ll be like, “Hey, what the heck is he doing over there?” And the cat will end up coming around and chilling out. The unfortunate circumstance is, that guys are like dogs, where they have to have attention all the freaking time and they jump on peoples’ legs, thus making the cats run away. So in the end of this cat : dog :: woman : man analogy it is assumed that men just need to chill the crap out and let the cats be to themselves for a while otherwise they’ll scratch the living poo out of you. This, of course, has no link to any personal situations the author of this webpage is currently going through.