WordPress, The iPhone App

posted in Miscellaneous, Tech on Dec 1, 2008

So now that I have a fancy phone, I’ve been spending all of my time downloading applications and testing things out. By recommendation from my brother, I decided to check out the official WordPress app to give it a spin. So far, so good I must say.

Basically, once you input your user information foe your site, the application allows you to either make changes or write a new post, whichever you fancy. The app so far seems best suited for making quick posts of things you might see on the way to work (while riding the train, of course, not driving), or if you want to display an awesome picture you just grabbed. For these things it excels. The big thing that is lacking that I can tell so far comes simply from the limitations of the phone itself. For example, it takes absolutely forever to type a link out because you have drill down a few levels on the keyboard to get to the correct characters. Which, again, is no fault of the software (or even the phone for that matter), but it takes a little while to get used too.

Overall, as I’m writing this post on the iPhone, I feel like this is definitely a pretty solid program that I would use while on a plane or going on a road trip. In fact, if anyone wants to go on a road trip to test out its long term viability, let me know. But until then, try out the software because it’s super keen.