Workoutathon 2009: Day 3

posted in Miscellaneous, People on Jul 15, 2009

“Day 3?!?” you shout, confused and befuddled. “You, sir, have not even talked about ‘Day 2’ as of yet!” Well, it is true, but my tale of self beefery has been a long and arduous one in nothing but the span of 48 hours.

Actually, that might be more of a fib than a truth, but the truth I am about to convey is a truth that lives outside of all fibbery, as fibbing now would be pointless and would harm my chances of you believing my truths: turns out I’m lazy.

Day 2 was supposed to be this magic day of running/jogging/walking/limping before work to get up the heart rate and enjoy life. I did not, however, heed the call to go out in 90 degree weather at 7 am. I instead turned off Kool & the Gang, bid them farewell, and went back to sleep for 30 minutes, as I tend to do. No running to be had.

Now, at this point one would see my slovenly actions and think I’ve abandoned this righteous endeavor of getting totally ripped. Fortunately for the ladies that is not so. Just last night, for example, I played an incredible amount of Frisbee Golf. Although intermingling with pot smokers, drunks who like to hang out in the woods, and hipsters in Birkenstocks (all of these are not mutually exclusive) is not generally my cup of tea, the game is fun enough to put aside these things. And quite honestly, all of these groups of people are pretty cordial due to being ridiculously high. If I had to choose between these guys and some of the a-holes I’ve seen at real golf courses, I’d choose these guys.

All in all Day 2 was not a waste. There was some exercising involved.

And today (Day 3), I did 30 pushups, 50 squats, and however many lunges after that to make my body nearly explode. I win at working out.