You're Not Here

posted in Miscellaneous, Past Goodness on Aug 28, 2005

If you are Schopenhauer, then you are just a representation.  What you touch or see or smell or taste are but representations of a mystical force called the “will” and our life is nothing more than a blanket rolled over our true existence, which in fact is no existence at all.  Taking that on a basic level, we can go ahead and say: “Why the crap am I doing what I’m doing?  If what I see is not here then why should I be doing whatever I’m doing?”  So take this advice, dear reader, and do whatever you please.  If we take Schopenhauer literally (and I haven’t even gone into any depth on an explanation of his philosophy), then don’t go to class, don’t pay your taxes, and don’t pay attention to traffic signs.  Do what your heart desires because, in effect and according to Schopenhauer, it’s not like that matters anyway.  This life is meaningless so the more we spend time trying to put meaning into it, the farther we are from getting there.  So think about that the next time someone tells you to do something important like “going to college” or “finding a job.”