posted in Past Goodness on Jan 12, 2003

*Warning: Do not if you have not seen Signs* Ok, so I’m watching Signs for the second time today with some friends and two of them just don’t get it. “There’s no plot,” they say. “The movie was stupid.” WELL THEN READ BETWEEN THE LINES! This movie is not about aliens, or people on a farm, or crop circles made by aliens near the people on a farm. It is about the assuredness that there is someone or something watching over the lives of everyone; that, yes, this entity, this deity has the power to take life away, but it is for reason. Had Graham not lost his wife he would have certainly lost his family during the envasion. His wife’s last words to Graham were “to see.” This somewhat strange statement encourages Graham in his time of need to find a solution to the envading threat just in time to save his family. Had those words not been spoken then Graham would have been lost to find an answer to his problem. It may sound “kitchy” to have the movie like this, but it is all for the message that is trying to be said: there is no luck, everything happens for a reason. And I believe that this show should appeal to those who are religious. This movie doesn’t change my particular views on religion, but I think that it is a very tight plot that is greatly woven together that tells a touching and very “human” story. I mean, who hasn’t, in times of stress or hardship, asked “Why? Why does this happen to me?” just like the family in the film. It relates so directly to real life that it shows us ourselves. There is a plot. We are the plot. Everyday life and why it even exists is the plot. Sorry, this musing wasn’t particularly funny (not like any of the rest of them are either) but I had to get that off my chest.