posted in Food, Past Goodness on May 21, 2002

So, you’re all alone in your home. You think to yourself, “Hey, everyone’s gone. It’s so peaceful. I can study. I can listen to music. I can download por….I mean watch tv.” But no, you can’t. I’m sorry pal, it’s not that simple. Why? Because about 8 o’clock or so, right after you didn’t have a well cooked meal, you think, “Boy, it sure would be nice to have some Frosted Flakes©.” So you make your way downstairs to discover: YOUR CAT PUKING IN THE FLOOR. That’s right, your darling little fleabag is yakkin’ right in the living room floor. You know how it goes: the cat all hunches up and its tail begins to wiggle in time with the vomit. Then, the puke just falls out. There’s no propulsion as though it were a baby or something. It just falls out. So you turn the big light on (you know, to see better because there’s that little night light thing on the mantle that your mom says gives the room “atmosphere”) and you find that not only has your cat threw up once, but FIVE TIMES. Six or seven if you count the little spittle between puke sites. So, the usual curse words come out, as expected, and you begin to chase the cat. You finally catch it after moving your parents queen sized bed because that’s the little angels favorite place to hide. You throw it outside and begin cleaning up the puke.
Moral of the story: Don’t get Frosted Flakes© when no one is home.