25 Extremely Specific and Systematic Things

posted in Miscellaneous on Feb 5, 2009

And now, for 25 Extremely Specific Things:

  1. I have only pairs of shoes. Both are brown. One pair for slacks, and one for everything else. And one pair of flip-flops for the months March-November.
  2. I have one level 80 Night Elf Rogue named Pickleaxe, one level 70 Death Knight named Xcaliburnice, and one level 19 Gnome Rogue named Twinkleboots.
  3. I own two binary clocks, one of which is a wristwatch. The LEDs in both are starting to go out though, which sucks and doesn’t make sense because they’re LEDs.
  4. I really like Avatar: The Last Air Bender. Yeah, deal with it.
  5. I really want to play frisbee. Right now.
  6. I am a beast at Rock Band. No, seriously. Bring it.
  7. My cat has been spayed twice. Once before I got her, then once after she was picked up as a stray on the street. She was taken to the hospital to get fixed, and the doctor opened her up and basically said, “These parts are already gone. Time to close.”
  8. I’ve read about 52 novels since 2006, for a page total of 23020.
  9. I’ve owned every Nintendo system released in the United States except one: the GBA Micro. Listed out that’d be: NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket (x2), Super Nintendo, Gameboy Color, Virtual Boy, N64, GBA, Gamecube, GBA SP, DS, DS Lite, and Wii. I should have bought stock in the company.
  10. I have many clothes that I’ve owned since highschool or before that I still wear.
  11. I haven’t grown since highschool.
  12. I want to live in Australia or New Zealand even though I know they put beets on everything.
  13. I once nearly broke my spine in a freak charcoal grill accident (GrillGate ’88). Doctors thought – if things were broked – that I could maybe need a wheelchair forever. It’s ok, though, I would have just painted flames on it and put a playing card in the spokes and been good.
  14. I furrow my brows at hoboes who have better shoes and jackets than I do. (It happens.)
  15. The sunroof on my car hasn’t worked correctly since Senior Prom night of highschool. I blame my date. The sunroof will work, you just have to push on it a little bit to make it go.
  16. I like how the new Oklahoma license plates have an Indian shooting a bow, because I really need to be reminded every day that Indians were warlike people so it was probably ok that we repressed them. But I guess it’s better than an Indian pulling a slot machine handle and giving a thumbs up with the other hand.
  17. My cat has tried to run away three times since I’ve lived at my current place. I’m on the second floor, so she has to jump off of the balcony to get away. Maybe I smell?
  18. I could live on cereal (Raisin Bran ftw) and sandwiches forever. In fact, I kinda hate spending money on food and would rather use that to buy things that last more than thirty minutes like a meal.
  19. I have a pair of $1 gloves I got from a girl on November 18, 2006 while waiting in line for six hours in 32 degree weather outside a Wal-Mart for the Wii. They are in my jacket pocket right now; they’re pretty much useless because they’re super thin but I can’t bring myself to throw them away.
  20. I have very old checks that still list a residency I haven’t lived in for about six years. No one has ever questioned it.
  21. I recently took a liking to crunchy peanut butter.
  22. I’ve never drank alcohol. Ever. But that doesn’t mean I’m uncomfortable around you if you do. Don’t worry about it. HOWEVER, don’t call me to pick you up now that you know this information. You shouldn’ta got that crunk to begin with; call a cab. As one comic said (and I forget his name at the moment): Alcohol is the only thing people freak out about if you don’t do it. No one ever says, “What, you don’t like mayonnaise? Why? Try some mayo; seriously, you’ll like it!”
  23. <-- Michael Jordan's jersey number. Speaking of which, I owned a pair of Jordans in gradeschool and thought I was the absolute shit.
  24. If I could punch anything two things in the world they would be a dolphin and a horse, because dolphins are so full of themselves and horses just freak me out.
  25. <-- My age as of this moment.