A New Challenger Approaches

posted in Games on Jul 7, 2006

As we all know, Nintendo has recently released the DS Lite for the masses, and I happened to gobble one up last week. I must say that they’ve put out another quality product, and I’m not just saying that because Nintendo has me by the balls and I buy pretty much everything they put out without thinking about it.

Let’s just get it out of the way right now: Yes, the DS Lite is better than the original, it looks way cooler, and feels like you’re holding hot sex. If you’ve looked at the box and have even considered buying one, I’d advise you to proceed. The buttons definitely are different, and pooch out more than the original DS, but they feel fine and take about 2 seconds to get used to. The stylus is a little fatter and almost 1/4th longer than the original, which kind of upset me at first because I shelled out big bucks on a metal Battle Stylus, but now I prefer the bigger one. The touch screen is “tighter,” if that makes any sense. There’s no “push” as you apply pressure to the screen. It’s more akin to a PDA screen than to that of the original DS. It feels smooth and nice.

Now for the downsides, of which I’ve only found one-ish. The biggest thing to get used to is the d-pad. While it works fine, coming from the clicky-ness of the original DS pad, this takes some getting used to, as you have to apply more pressure to do anything. This is especially true for diagonal movement. It took me a while to realize that I needed to press down pretty firmly to get my little guy in Animal Crossing to move diagonally. One other downside – which probably only applies to me – is that Band Bros. takes some getting used to as well. But that won’t pose a problem to about 99% of all U.S. DS Lite owners.

Well, you can find much more indepth reviews of the DS Lite on other sites, so I’ll end here. I just wanted to brag.