ANTS! II: Return to Budakai

posted in Miscellaneous on Mar 16, 2007

Those freaking ants have returned in droves. I should have known that I couldn’t break their resolve with my puny arsenal of deadly chemicals.

After I drove them from my apartment for the first time, they found a hole into the room right next to mine, terrorizing its occupants. They were driven back to their homes within the walls to settle for two weeks and come up with a new strategy. It looks like their generals have found another weakness in my bathroom, and have exploited them thoroughly. Apparently, when my shower was fixed last, there was left a gap between the tub faucet and the wall, making just enough space for a line of six legged devils to run around in the tub for no freaking reason. I woke up this morning with about 40 of them running around my bathroom tub and on the wall. Unfortunately for yours truly, I lent out my bug spray a few days ago and don’t have it readily on hand. I’ll have to wait a couple of days to get that back, and then I’ll have my day!