posted in Miscellaneous on Feb 12, 2007

This weekend my apartment was invaded by tiny, red intruders. They came through the trenches between the kitchen tiles from a hole in the fifty-five year old wall beside the refrigerator. They marched along, making 90 degree angles every so often, until they climbed the slope of my cat’s food bowl and made a red, gyrating mass on top of it.

I woke up Friday morning to this sight, and have since taken measures to suppress the flood, but as of writing there are still stragglers who dare to test my resolve. On Saturday, after I took the cat’s bowl away, they migrated their efforts to the bathroom for whatever reason, and I ended up having to recaulk everything to staunch the flow. In an effort to kill them off for good, I bought some gooey ant killer that lures the ants and allows them to eat the tasty treats. They take the tasty treats back home to kill all of the rest of their ant buddies. For the first night it was successful in luring them in, but now they don’t like it.

Sunday came with another surge, and the ant army had found their way to my counter tops, moving bread crumbs around. My index finger showed many of them to the gates of ant heaven, but I was unable to get them all, as I’m unable to dig through cement walls with my bare hands to get to the juicy center of the ant colony. I figure that the ant nest is in the area between my bathroom and kitchen where the pipes are, but I’m not jumping in there through the two foot square hole that’s available to me.

So that brings us to today, where I bought some more ant killer in the form of a spray. I’ve been rocking these jerks all day today with the stuff, and I haven’t seen them return in any large waves, which is good. The prognosis is positive, but I still have a few days of messing with rogue soldiers in various places.