Bert And Ernie Are Hardcore

posted in Media, Miscellaneous on Jul 13, 2008

So apparently there is somewhat of a phenomenon happening where intrepid young video editors take Blast Beats and put them over old Bert and Ernie clips. For some reason I enjoy these clips, so I will share at least one with you, dear readers. The first one that I came across happened to be this one, found by a one Mr. Jacen Paige:

From this video I was led to a second, which I like a little more than the first simple because it has a little more musical integrity:

And if you’re curious of what this actually looks like when a real person plays something like this – rather than a stitched together facsimile of a human – then look no further. This is actually the video the sound clip was taken from for the video above:

And this last video really doesn’t have anything to do with the rest, necessarily – other than also being a drumming video, but I found it to be very impressive and fun to watch: