Best Reading Places?

posted in Books, Miscellaneous on Dec 9, 2008

I need some help people. Lately I’ve been hindered by regular reading places. Normally, I would find that laying down in either my bed or on the couch would provide the most comfortable reading areas, but lately all they serve is to make me go straight to sleep. I need to find a better way to read. I think my body has associated reading with sleep and that’s not a good thing.

I’ve been thinking of trying out the radical idea of reading while sitting upright in a chair, but I assume only heretics and charlitans do so, so I haven’t tried yet. It does sound like an attractive alternative, though.

So where do you read? On the floor, through the door? In a box with a fox? Something needs to change because I need to get my efficiency with reading up a bit. I’m running out of books to review for the show.