Bunnies Taste Good

posted in Food, Past Goodness on Mar 6, 2005

I normally don’t link to other pages in these musings. But today is different. Today is not for me or you. Today is for a bunny. Today is the day that you can save a bunny. Bunnies don’t ask for much from us. They hop around. They wiggle their noses and such. And they’re cuter than a lot of other baby animals. So why would you just sit around when you could be helping a cute bunny from its ultimate demise? Why are you so heartless that you could just sit back and laugh; laugh at that poor bunny? If the bunny could save you, he would. He wouldn’t just sit around, content on hopping all cute like around in a little cage. He would devise a way to get around his obstacles and save you. So do your part, America. Save the bunny.