posted in Past Goodness, School on Jan 23, 2006

With much regard for the teachers and faculty of our “modern” school systems…why does class have to just be more boring than a lecture from Don Knotts on the intricacies of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?  I know I’ve written on this subject before, but it bears repeating.  As an edjucator, it’s your job to provide the class with stimulating material that covers what you’re supposed to cover.  Is it that hard?  With understanding that it’s not easy, I just don’t get that after years and years of teaching, how can you still suck at it?  My school has evaluations at the end of each semester, and if people aren’t speaking positively about the class year after year, wouldn’t be a good idea to change something for the better instead of letting it rot like cured meat left out in the sun too long?  There is no good reason for your class to suck if you’ve been teaching for more than ten years.  Maybe I’ve just been blessed with some really good teachers here and there that totally ruin the rest of my classroom experiences in school, but come on.  If you see that another teacher’s students like them and are learning things, take notes.  Do the exact thing you’re making your class do: take some freaking notes.  It’s not that hard is it?  Oh, what’s that, you hated taking notes in school?  WELL THEN SO DO WE YOU IGNORANT MORON.