posted in Miscellaneous on Oct 1, 2006

So I get this call last week, “Hey, there’s some woman who takes up stray animals and gets them fixed.” “Ok,” I say, a little bewildered by the unexpected phone call. “…And she’s got a cat right now she is going to get fixed, but she doesn’t keep them. She gives them away.” “I see.” “So basically what I’m saying is that you can get a free cat.”

This was the conversation that began the process in which I ended up with a cat today. The cat is not quite a kitten, but also not an adult. She’s very calm (so far) and doesn’t freak out about much. There are things that I haven’t really figured out about her yet. This is the first cat I’ve ever had that actively follows me around. Most cats just lay around doing their own thing. Calliope likes to go where ever I go. I figure this is just a phase and eventually she’ll get used to her surroundings and just chill out, but right now she’s like a puppy. She also enjoys sitting in laps, and will eagerly jump into your lap the moment you sit down. While I enjoy this quality, it makes it rather hard to sit down for dinner. Currently, this feline is stretched out underneath my desk chair.

Hopefully she’ll get accustomed to her surroundings pretty soon. It seems like since she was a stray, she’s a little apprehensive about leaving her owner alone for fear that she will then be alone. I dunno, that’s just speculation, but it seems sort of fitting.