Computer Ahoy!

posted in Tech on Dec 10, 2009

While it isn’t here yet, I did get an exciting email this morning from Apple saying that my new 27″ iMac has finally shipped. I still don’t understand – other than if there was a manufacturing shortage – why they don’t have these things in the store. Oh well. The good news is that by December 14th at 10:30am, I should have this monster to play with. Now I need to figure out if I have any more paid leave, because if it does show up Monday I might just have to take a half day…

I will definitely spend the next few days hungrily staring at the shipping screen. Right now the computer is sitting in Shanghai of all places. I hope it has a safe journey over the Pacific.


Also, no exciting announcement would be complete without this:

I will probably have to put this image in every post now. I just love it too much.