posted in Food on Jun 27, 2006

So I like milk. I even buy it when I go to the store. Milk is good for things like cooking or mixing with cereal. But what happens when milk goes bad? It gets all chunky and smelly, right? Well, Wal-Mart seems to want their customers to suffer from getting sick from old milk.

The scenerio played out like this: Last week I bought some yummy milk. I drank it with glee. Having nearly finish the jug, I went to buy some more milk barely a week later. Now, this is the strange part: They both have the same experation date. Milky! Well, they’re different by a day, but that’s not that much. The strange thing is that one says “sell by” and one says “best by.” I’m sure there’s some “big difference” in all of that, but from what I can tell there’s not. What I want to know is how does one milk jug outlast another milk jug by nearly a full week. I can only assume the milk, due to the volume of sales, is replenished daily at the store, so the second jug of milk most definitely wasn’t there when I bought the first.

I’m sure that’s what they want you to think. They probably have milk stocked up for a month or so in the back. If that’s the case then that’s gross. Anyhow, I thought that was interesting. You’ll probably see a post here in a couple of days where I talk about food poisoning.