DC Kite Festival 3/31/12

posted in Photography on Apr 1, 2012

The Cherry Blossom festival in Washington DC lasts a few freaks and is full of interesting events. One of the biggest and most visible is the Kite Festival, where the populace comes to the Mall and flies any kite that they have. The place ends up filthy with kites. It’s a great time.

The weather turned out to be just about perfect save for a grey overcast sky that created some intense contrast between it and the ground, making shooting a little more difficult than it probably should have been. I had to push the exposure up a couple of stops many of the times to get any color from the grass, but that resulted in blowing out the sky more than I wanted in many of the shots. Oh well.

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157629348311600″]

The Flickr set where these images come from can be found here.