Florida Trip: Day 2

posted in Miscellaneous on Jun 21, 2009


After a successful night at the Marrianna, FL Marriott, we decided that the splendor of a small town hotel nowhere near our destination was just too good for us. We couldn’t stay within the bounds of such riches, so we resolved to head on to our large, rented house that’s about 3 miles from Disney. Woe is us.

Now, back to the road for about six hours. Then, who knows!


We made a pitstop in Lake City, FL to get some go juice and to push out some urine. Ironically enough, Lake City on the gps is nowhere near a lake. I’m sure all those people who moved there for that reason are sorely dissapointed.

While at the station (a station that sold Mickey Mouse supplies in a town that’s 4 hours away from Disney itself), I decided that it’d be a good idea to not read which bathroom was which on the giant signs emblazoned on the doors. I didn’t think about it either way because the bathrooms themselves were so dirty. I only knew of my mistake when, as I was washing my hands, an elderly woman peeked into the room, saw me, then turned on her wrinkled heals and closed the door. If only she had come a few minutes earlier she could have been in for a show.


We finally made it to the resort house and boy were our arms tired. That makes no sense, just roll with it. Along the way, we stopped at a Steak n’ Shake for a bite, only to discover that wearing paper hats doesn’t make you as cool as you’d think.

The house itself is pretty rockin’, if I do say so myself. It’s a five bedroom, four bathroom shack with its own swimming pool in the back so you don’t have to share with the common folk. It’s a pretty great score. Here are some pics:

Note: Some of the pictures are rotated funny, but I’m too lazy to rotate them correctly. I’ll do that at a later time, it’s 1am and tomorrow it Universal Studios day.