posted in Past Goodness on Feb 11, 2006

When 2001: A Space Odyssey came out, I’m sure there were some people who thought that some of the things that went on in that movie could realize their potential in real life.  Space ships and long voyages and crap like that were supposed to be commonplace when we turned to the 2000s.  Instead we have idiots running the world and the bird flu.  Something tells me that during this century, there’s going to be a few moves about the future.  2110: Back to Budakai or 2305: Redonculous Date in the Future will come to a hovering theater near you.  What we’re going to find, though, is that when 2110 or 2305 rolls around, all we’ve accomplished is depleting the world’s oil and crapping all over ourselves trying to fix that problem.  The Middle East will be one collective hole, and South America will sink into the ocean.  I don’t care about all that.  I just wish movie writers would give it a little thought beforehand.  Flying cars?  No.  Nuclear Winter?  Yes.