Fun Time Work Email

posted in Work on Aug 14, 2009

So recently at work we’ve been getting some fun spam. Not your usual penis pills and Nigerian princes sort of mail, this spam tries to up the bar with a hint of edumication.

These emails all have a paragraph of what looks to be a valid attempt at bringing our small minds some literature. There’s also a picture attached that I’m too afraid to look at. So here you go, the spam email of the day, sent by Bushway (; sounds legit) with the subject: Se they believe the C

Ivory. And the collecting of this rubber and ivory was, as he saw it, the sole duty of the State and its officers. When he threw over the part of trustee and became the Arab raider he could not waste hit time, which, he had good reason to fear, might be short, upon products that, if fostered, would be of value only in later years. Still less time had he to give to improvements that cost money and that would be of benefit to his successors. He wanted only rubber; he wanted it at once, and he cared not at all how he obtained it. So he spun, and still spins, the greatest of all “get-rich-quick” schemes; one of gigantic proportions, full of

And there you have it. With a little research, this excerpt actually comes from The Congo and Coasts of Africa, by Richard Harding Davis, located, apparently, on page 17. The more you know.