Get Your War On

posted in Media on Sep 20, 2008

I may be late to the game here, so if some of you more intrepid readers have found this comic before me, I’m sorry, this will be some old news to you. BUT, if you haven’t found this comic yet, then brace yourself for some scathing political humor the likes of which YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN.

The comic in question is called, as you might have figured out, Get Your War On, and is basically about an guy in accounts payable who calls other departments and talks about newsworthy political things. The comic is written by David Rees, and from the few that I’ve read, it’s absolutely awesome.

Also, it looks like, through whatever means, the comic is now a weekly animated short. There are only nine of them so far, but they’re all pretty good. My favorite might just be the discussion about Cindy McCain.

So jump on over to those comics and have a look-see, especially if you’re a crazy liberal.

Ninja Edit: Additionally, some of the other videos at are pretty good. Definitely check them out as well. I like this one for its simplicity.

Pirate Edit: I keep watching more of those videos and liking them. here’s another.