posted in Photography on May 28, 2012

Lots of cats were not the only thing that I saw over the Memorial Day weekend. The other – more important – activity was going to see Gettysburg and learning tons of things about history. LEARNING!

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It might a bit difficult to piece together some of these shots, so you might want to look at this handy map. There are also more bits of information about some of the shots on my Flickr set.

It’s really hard for me to conceptualize the amount of people that were in this rather small area. The official counts were that the Union had 93,921 soldiers and the Confederacy 71,699. Over the three days of battle, there are estimated to have been 46,000-50,000 casualties (~7,800 deaths). When they say that there were lines of soldiers a mile wide, you believe it because of those numbers, but it’s still hard to visualize even standing on the place where it happened.

If you ever have the chance to go, I would suggest it. For some reason, I didn’t think that it would impress me that much, it mostly just being a series of fields and all, but it definitely is a sight to behold.