Grade School is Good for You

posted in Past Goodness, People on Nov 20, 2005

Waiting in the line of a cafeteria may not seem like a horrible situation, and it’s not. But sometimes you get stuck behind people who may or may not end up as managers of your local Kum-N-Go. Today I stood behind two gents: one with the brim of his hat so low he had to crane his head back 90 degrees otherwise he’d only see his shoes but who looked liked he could step onto the set of any number of latino rap videos, and the other correctly identifying the fish offered only after three misses (which I can’t really fault most of the time because some of the food is ambiguous, but fish is fish). What got my goat – if I happened to have a goat, which I do not – was that the first guy grabbed some fish and then asked for “some more fries on one of those things.” A “PLATE” maybe? A “dish” perhaps? Either would suffice, but neither were in the vocabulary. If “plate” is a little too hard to come up with, how are you managing …life? An IRS form would most likely make their heads explode or induce uncontrollable vomiting. Maybe I’m just different. Maybe I’m just crazy with all of my “words” and “intelligible language.” Or maybe K-12 should have been K-37.