posted in Games on Apr 2, 2010

It has certainly been a while, but we have started preparations for our next charity event over at Hardmode.org.

If you don’t know what it’s all about, allow me to explain briefly: Last fall my friends and I, after a night of intense Scrabble playing, sat in quiet contemplation on possibly putting together a project. We had heard of other sites doing online gaming marathons for charity, and since we had the means and the intelligence to do it, there really was no reason not to attempt a marathon.

Our first event went live last December, and over the course of 48 hours we raised $1,150 from 60 donations that all went to kids in hospitals. We had a great time and now it is time to do it all again!

I’m sorry for everyone who follows me on twitter for getting a million tweets about this, but it was really fun and I’m excited to be getting back in gear.

Also, be sure to check out the site; it’s been redesigned to reflect our theme for this event: NINJAS!