posted in Games, Media on Oct 16, 2009

Mario-Patch2You all will probably get tired of hearing about it, but some friends of mine and I are going to do a gaming marathon in December for the charity Child’s Play. Child’s Play gives games/toys to children who are in hospitals and don’t have access to these things otherwise. In the last five years or so, they’ve raised something like 1.4 million bucks for hospitals all around the country. Pretty cool stuff.

Now, if you’ve never seen or heard of an event like this, let me break it down:

Basically what will happen is we will congregate all at one place and broadcast live a play-through of a game series or selected games. Other groups have done this and have raised a pretty significant amount of money in doing so. It’s actually quite interesting. But that’s about it in a nutshell, along with simply displaying the game, we have a couple of cameras showing the group as well, and we plan on doing fun things outside of the game. I just bought a fifteen foot firewire cable for my camera, so be prepared for EPIC CAMERA ANGLES. Oh yeah, baby.

But to reiterate again, you’ll probably hear a lot about this as the time gets closer and closer to the event. I’m sorry for those following me on Twitter, because I’m going to be tweeting the hell out of this charity stuffs. I really hope we can raise a lot of dough.

Let the excitement begin….NOW.