Hell Week Day 1

posted in School on Oct 15, 2007

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m doing all of my homework for classes one to two days before the midterms. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, the first day proved that everything, so far, has not been too horrible of an experience.

Sunday (yesterday), after writing that preliminary post, I began working. The subject: Finance. Now, I’ve had one finance class before about three years ago, so I know some of the terminology and things. What little I couldn’t remember has come back in full force after a days worth of studying. It’s all that same junk with a few new names, really. So at about 2pm I began the grand adventure. I had roughly 19 questions to do to get me ready for the exam, and I did all of them but about 2. The $200 book is unfortunately fairly vague on a few of the topics. For example, on multiple occasions there would be a question pertaining to a particular subject with the subject labeled right next to the question so you could “easily” find it in the chapter. While that’s perfectly fine, the label would sometimes be for an extremely vague idea that isn’t easily located in the chapter or index or table of contents. I spent a lot of time futilely flipping pages trying to find exactly what it wants me to do. I ended up trying my good friend The Internet to see how to do some problems and found that it was a much better educator than my extremely expensive book. Wasted money feels great.

After a few hours of that, and finishing most of the problems, I put the book away. The exam is on Tuesday, but on Monday I have to do all of my homework and a take home exam for my Management Science class. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow.