Hell Week Day 5

posted in School on Oct 19, 2007

Since Wednesday was somewhat of a day of rest, Thursday was back to exams. I had one Marketing exam at 11:00am which the night before I studied for for about an hour. The questions didn’t seem too difficult, as they all revolved around most of the same subject matter, but there were 34 of them. The exam was a random picking of 6 of those questions, so you had to know everything. Fortunately, the questions that were picked came from the 24 or so questions that I actually studied, so it was not too bad. I don’t think I made a 100, but I don’t think I did too shabby. We’ll know next week.

And that really wraps it up for the Hell Week series. I’ve missed a lot of sleep and I got frustrated more than one can count on one hand, but it’s over and with that the weekend brings much joy. I figure that I should probably start doing a little homework here and there so that I don’t get so backed up, but I don’t know; that just sounds silly.