I Need New Music

posted in Miscellaneous on Apr 17, 2009

It’s come to that point in time where I’m super tired of listening to the same things I’ve had for years and years. I don’t not like the music, but you can only listen to some things for so long before they lose all meaning. All that’s no fun, usually.

Today I picked up two albums but I need some more new things. I purchased the album Wolves and Wishes by Dosh, who is sort of an experimental percussion/electronic/craziness composer. The album runs the gamut from throwing down some fun-time grooves to being a little scattered, but it’s all fun. I also picked up Radiolarians II by Medeski, Martin & Wood. They’re more on the jazz side, but they also throw in some funktown and electricality every once in a while.

Is there anything that you’ve come across recently that was totally awesome? I’d love to expand my musical repertoire. Everything is fair game so long as it’s not Country.