I'm Hunting Wabbits

posted in Miscellaneous, Past Goodness on Jul 10, 2003

So I’m watching  Tom and Jerry this morning (don’t laugh, you do it too), and I noticed something. Where is this bookstore that makes those tiny little books? I see Jerry reading out of this tiny little cookbook. I want one of those, dangit. There must be a whole tiny animal stuff manufacturing conglomerate that I don’t know about. I’m sure they have a little mini-FedEx too. I mean, it’s not like these animals have viable means of trasportation, that would be just too weird. And what’s with these huge animals that I see? Yogi Bear is ok, he’s a freaking bear. He should be at least as tall as humans. That makes sense. But Bugs Bunny is freakishly huge for a bunny. Either that or Elmer Fudd is way small. Jeez, these shows confuse me. It’s like they were cartoons or something.