I'm Not Handicapped…I'm Just Lazy

posted in Past Goodness, People on Oct 4, 2003

Have you ever been to the store and saw something that shouldn’t be parked in the handicap space? Today I saw a Corvette in the handicap space. A freaking Corvette. How many people have you seen with one arm or half a leg roll out of a Corvette? I can almost guaruntee that that guy’s handicap parking tag is fake. You know how the picture for the handicap space is a little blue guy in a wheel chair? It’s not a little blue guy on crutches, or a little blue guy with a cast on his arm. He’s in a wheel chair. A wheel chair can’t even fit in a corvette, much less a wheel chair and someone who needs the use of a wheel chair. Now I realize that you don’t have to be completely broken up to need a handicap tag, but this guy was just using the system. And by ‘using the system’ I mean ‘completely found an awesome way to get one of those 30 spots at Wal-Mart that are always open and are right in the front of the store.’