posted in Past Goodness, Tech on Jul 13, 2005

I’m really proud of the iPod.  I really am.  I think that it’s a neat little device (although iTunes is an abomination. “Let’s make sure you can only use your iPod with iTunes and only on one computer.” Great idea.).  The only thing that I don’t like, aside from seeing every person on earth wearing little white earbuds, is that other companies think it’s a good idea to jump on the ‘i’Whatever bandwagon.  I’m sure company execs think that it’s a great thing when their new blender is called the iBlend, or that the iCrap is going to be the next big thing in toilets.  But they would be wrong.  Pretty soon I’ll have to use my iKicks to walk to my iMobile to drive to the iMart (which has just settled a class action lawsuit involving the hiring and firing of a lot of iLlegal iMmigrants).  There, I’ll buy some iMunchies and maybe some iBats for my iVision portable TV.  Companies need to find their own gimmicks.  Leave this ‘i’Nonsense to Apple.  And if you think that my little ‘i’Jokes are lame, then remember this every time you see a new product with that retarded crap for a name.  They’re milking the cash cow, but old Bossy can’t hold out for long.