It's been a month

posted in Miscellaneous, School on Dec 31, 2007

I just realized that it has been 30 days since I’ve last done anything with this site. Sorry for anyone who actually visits. My life has – for lack of better words and trying to not sound emo-tastic – been a little turbulent as of late. Things have been changing, and they have been changing big time.

Everyone pretty much knows that I hate(d) school, so the next few sentences should really come to no surprise. I’ve decided to take time off from school. Whether that be for a semester or indefinitely, I dunno, but currently it will be for a little while. I’ve decided to see what normal work-a-day life is like, and even though nearly everyone I know has adamantly described this decision as “foolish” or “preposterous,” I guilefully remind them that two years ago it was never in the cards for me to continue my education passed a bachelor’s degree anyway, so they should really ease off my case. If this was May 2006, everyone I know would be happy that I’m looking for real work and getting an apartment. After one year of graduate school, in December 2007, the idea of looking for real work and getting an apartment changes the faces of my family and friends from smiles to frowns. These lugubrious visages at first reduced my mettle, making me want to turn back, but I just don’t like it anymore, as I’ve documented here in the past.

So that is the long and short of why my page has been dry. I’ve been looking for work and apartments, and I’ve gone through every emotion with this ordeal, from sullen to celebratory. Right now I’m waiting to hear back from a position not too far from my school, I just need to interview a bit more and we’ll see where that takes me. I’ve found a fairly interesting apartment complex a little north of my current position that will be a nice change of pace. Instead of being woken up at all hours of the night by people laughing right outside my door, I might actually get to sleep for once. What a novel idea. Of course, those of you who know me are probably saying that I stayed up a lot of times anyway, but it’ll be nice to know that when I want to go to bed, I can freakin’ go to bed. My only fear for this new apartment is that I am the loud one. It’s kind of a snobby-ish place, but it’s nice; so I figure I’ll be the young punk kid who ruins everything for everyone. I imagine some old guy watching me move my sub-woofer up the stairs coming over and admonishing me before I even plug it in. I’ll just make sure the cross-over on it is so low that his old man ears can’t hear it anyway, only feel it in the old pacemaker.

So there you have it, I’ll be back to updating this more regularly as soon as I move around and get settled. I’m sure there will be plenty of office stories (read: gossip) to share.