I've Been Doin' Stuffs

posted in Media, People, Pressed & Bound on Sep 3, 2009

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks and here’s why: I’ve been working on some projects for some friends. Actually, that’s a lie, I only started doing that yesterday, but let’s just pretend it had taken two weeks. What were these projects, you ask? Well, it was really only one project, but it was a fun one.

My compadre Larry, who is finishing up his film degree, asked me to help him make some things for his final film. It’s a movie about mexican wrestlers, starring the unlikely hero El Santo. I was tasked with making some images for the credits, and while most of those don’t look like anything special outside of what they’ll be in the film, I will show you a couple of wallpaper-esque images I made today. (They’re kinda big so watch out).

Once the film gets finished I’ll post some more links here if there is any place to view it. Or we might discuss it on the show. Hmmm….that’s a good idea…