Looking for Something?

posted in Past Goodness, Tech on Jun 10, 2005

So with all of this talk surrounding the new Mac OS (the big kitty; the Tiger.  Meow), one thing has really perplexed me with one of its supposed newest and best features: Spotlight.  According to this nifty little thing, that’s being touted as the bee’s knees of search features, you can look up anything you want, from pictures to text, in any of your files at anytime.  Wow!  That’s awesome.  That’s so awesome…I forgot to laugh?  From which I pose the question: Don’t you know where your crap is on your computer?  Maybe I’m just a jaded Windows junky (because I can’t afford a Maccy; and I’d buy one too), but I only use the search function when I need to find some obscure file that’s buried deep within the heart of this OS.  “But Spotlight is great!  You can look up words inside of documents,” you say.  While I do concede that this is a neat feature, if I’m looking for the word “platypus” in an email, I’ll just check the “Neat Platypus Info” newsletter I get every week.  I guess I could see the virtue in having such features, but come on people, get a little organized.  At least they could have had some other feature that was a little cooler than the “Hey, you can search for things” update to OSX called Tiger.  They say they’ve added a ton of updates for Tiger.  And the best?  A new search feature?  Yippie Skippie.  At least lie to me and tell me it’ll cook me dinner.   A hip, Apple dinner.  A dinner that’s so hip that that sell-out Bono from U2 would come over to my house and eat with me so I can punch that hack in the face.