Money, And The Holes It Burns

posted in Miscellaneous, People on Jul 26, 2006

Money is a strange mistress. Pretty much every human in industrialized nations works to get money. That’s the primary goal, to the the moneys. Forget meaningful relationships, forget having a good family, it’s all about money.

I understand that the only way to live in a large society is to have some sort of bartering system in place, whether that be with chickens or dollar bills, but sometimes it just feels overwhelming. Not overwhelming in a “woa money is too hard to understand” sort of way, but rather in a “outside of food and shelter, is money that important?” sort of way. This is generally how I feel about things. I make enough money to eat and a little bit to spend after that and I’m happy. I don’t really have long term goals for the future, I feel like it (the future) will be whatever it is. It’s too bad that doesn’t look good on a resumé. I just want to have fun with life. Why is it that almost no one does that?

This, of course, circles right back around to having to have money to support a family, etc. In order to have the fun, we are forced to work in crappy jobs for the rest of our lives while we slowly get older. Some people manage to have a little fun inbetween all of that pencil pushing and latté making, but that’s few and far between.

Most people who read this will probably say that life isn’t about fun, it’s about responsibility. Responisibility to who? The government? I understand we have to live by the rules of the land, and that that is a responisibility we cannot get out of. Outside of that who are we supposed to be pleasing? The boss? The bottom line? I just don’t think that in the grand scheme of things we as human beings were made for stuff like that.

I find that I’m increasingly less excited about “moving on up” to the business world. Part of that is nerviousness and apprehension resulting from my aforementioned “no long term plan” policy, but the majority of it comes from seeing everyone around me hate what they’re doing. There are so few people who actually like what they do that it is saddening. I don’t want to fall into that. I need to find something enjoyable.

And so concludes today’s What the Heck Am I Gonna Do With My Life show. Tune in next week when our topic will be “Pets and You: Is Your Apartment Big Enough for a Kitten?”