More Fluid Stuffs

posted in Miscellaneous, Tech on Jun 14, 2008

I have found some additional uses for Fluid that I was unaware of at the time of writing the original post.

For one, you can actually turn each program that you make into one that will reside at the top of the screen on the menu bar like other famous icons such as the volume or languages icons. So, for example, the Google Calendar app mentioned earlier can be made into a menu bar icon, saving dock space and also making the calendar easy to reach at all times.

It is also easy to add multiple sites to one menu bar item, taking away the necessity to have a separate app for each site. Here, all you do is create one app (for this we’ll use Facebook). Once that application is created, push the button to drop down the URL bar and go to View -> Show Bookmarks Bar. Go ahead and add the site to the bookmarks (Commant+D). Find another site you want on the list. Here we will use Twitter. Add that as a bookmark as well. Now, since we are going to be viewing this from the top of the page, we’ll probably want to make it as small as possible. Go to the main menu drop down, hover over “User Agent” and select the one for “iPhone.” This will make the program display the content in a smaller form factor (or, like the iPhone would display it). Sites like Facebook or Twitter will render very well this way, but some sites will look a little weird. Just experiment. Now, push the URL Bar button again to get rid of it. Once you make the program a menubar icon (by selecting “Convert to MenuExtra…” on the main menu), you should be able to go through all your bookmarked sites from the tabs that are displayed. This is useful for stuff like social networks. What I do is have a list of sites I use for WoW when I need to look up quests. Ther pages just overlay on the program for quick reference. It’s very handy. See the photos below for more information.

Fluid is just getting more and more neat.

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Step Four WoW Links