More TED Talks

posted in Food, Games, Media, People, Tech on Jun 28, 2010

Hey, guess what? I’ve watched more of these crazy videos and I will share some of them with you.

The first of this list is a discussion by Jane McGoniga, who talks about how games can possibly help solve real world problems. Far fetched? Maybe. It is very interesting how she has used that idea to apply to games that interact with real life. I could use to hear the word “epic” less.

This second video is by Daniel Kahneman. Here he discusses the differences between your remembered experiences and the experiences we are having at any given moment in reference to how happy or satisfied a person actually is. This is applied to studying how happy a person is with their life versus how happy they are on a day to day basis, which – as it turns out – are two very different things. Also, I was thinking of moving to California, and after listening to this I don’t know if I’ll simply be happier (you’ll get what I mean after watching) as a result.

There was once a time when I really just didn’t like Jamie Oliver. I don’t know what it was (probably a teenage angst issue, anger for no reason), but in my wise adult years I’ve become ok with this gentlemen. His message is a good one: eat better food. Don’t go to McDonald’s. This talk has some rehashing from his Food Revolution TV show, but if you haven’t seen that, then it’s new to you. Now go eat an apple.