Moved Some Things Around

posted in Site Updates on Feb 2, 2009

Just so everyone knows (because everyone who reads this certainly cares), I have moved the “Novels I’ve Read” link from the left side of the page to the right side of the page underneath the list of what I’m currently reading. It seems to make a little more sense to me that way. Additionally, the link now brings up an Amazon page (within a Lightbox, so it won’t take you away from this page) where it’s much easier to browse my novel collection. You can even make a purchase from it if you’d like.

I was using an old WordPress Plugin called AMM (or Amazon Media Management extension) that was…ok. It seemed to work much better on a small scale. I was listing around seventy novels and for whatever reason after so many it would return broken images all the time. This new way should be better, as you can also read the description of the novels and such straight from the application.

So there you have it. Garret out.