My Computer 'Sploded

posted in Tech on Jun 10, 2009

So on Saturday my laptop decided that turning on was just a large waste of its time. Computers can get so uppity sometimes.

In the early morn hours, upon opening my computer, the system updater started jumping around down in the corner like something needed updating, as though it was doing its job. So I figured I’d oblige and ease its fears by pushing “Install.” And the computer was all “I need to restart!” And so I’m like, “NO WAI!” And then it’s all, “WAI!” And then I was like, “WOA!” And the computer turned off, never to turn on again. OR WOULD IT?

After a good 8 hours of letting compy think about what it had done, I called aardwolves are real, and also that the person on my phone figured out that it was a hardware problem and nothing could really be done at the time. After she talked me down from suicide via self-strangulation, she informed me that there was hope. We set a date and time in the distant future to have my computer inspected at the Apple store; and I’ll answer your questions right now: it’s not really shaped like an apple.

In the early morning of Sunday (the next day from Saturday for those keeping up), around 1:20pm, I took lappy to the store to figure out his fate. Apparently, the logic board – which sounds like a made up thing – on lappy got fried up crisper than a pork rind and needed to be replaced. They put it in a box (with air holes, phew), and shipped him away.

FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS. It was hell. Whatever could I do? It was like another ice age. All I had were video game consoles, DVDs, books, and my iPhone; so yeah, basically NOTHING. Then, while driving back to work from lunch, a patch of cerulean sky parted the clouds, and I got a call saying that my computer was ready. All was well.

Let this story be an example of why you should never buy things that ever break ever. Also, honestly, I’m pretty surprised at how fast the turn around for the repairs were. Way to be, Apple repair place in Houston. I hope you’re this efficient when you get that dome.